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Zipipop Freud is now Vapa Impact – the first data driven communications agency in Finland – and part of Vapa Media. The name changed and the team got stronger – together we are 35+ professionals – but the focus remains: we are strong in strategic communications, sparring the leadership and communicating in all earned channels – press, influencers and social media. We solve business challenges and influence the people who matter to our clients.

Since 2007 we have worked with many top global and local Finnish brands, including: Google, L&T, Skanska, Finnish Forestry Association, F-Secure and Tata Consultancy Services. Our work is kept professional and fresh as a result of mixing decades of combined partner experience together with the energy of courageous digital natives.



During the years we have helped organizations big and small on their external and internal communications, social media and marketing. And it’s not always to separate those: social collaboration and social intranet combines social media with intranet and internal communications. See below some examples.


We have managed Google’s PR and communications in Finland for eight years and counting.


We worked in-house with Valio to create and implement their social media strategy, and set up their social media team and Facebook / blogging channels already years ago when almost no-one did that.

Tata Consultancy Services

Our client Tata Consultancy Services sponsored Finnish wheelchair curling team on Paralympics. We set up a facebook site for the team and got more than 10 000 followers and huge 50% engagement rate in just four weeks.

Speaking and mentoring

We are speaking and mentoring in many events and for causes important to us. Click and check where.

Understanding phones for elderly people! And caring communications help for Doro.

Finnish forest organizations

Zipipop Freud was selected out of 14 agencies to take care of the communications of 24 forestry companies and organizations.
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Social collaboration

We have designed and rolled out of shared social collaboration environments and social intranet solutions for several organizations such as OSKE by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Niras and YLE.

SOS Childrens Villages

We used online video, social media and authentic story telling on SOS Childern’s village communications campaign. Facebook selected that as one of their Success Stories. Watch video»

Human Megaphone

Zipipop Freud's Human Megaphone concept combines crowdfunding principles with social media and online advertising to generate community-powered social advocacy.

We help Philips with their consumer communications in Finland.

How to get arguing renewable energy associations to talk with one voice? We founded the Lähienergialiitto, work funded by Sitra and Motiva.

Lassila & Tikanoja

We helped Lassila & Tikanoja social media employee promotion and recruitment strategy and campaigns.

Ministry of Defence

We helped the Ministry of Defence to create their long-term communications strategy to make sure they have support for defending Finland into the future.

Consumer communications

We've helped several leading consumer brands with their PR and social media.

Sauna Safari

Zipipop Freud has supported the Startup Sauna Safari project helping startups on the ground in Africa in 2014 and 2016.

There's over 70 skiing centers in Finland and ski.fi serves them all. And we serve them with our knowhow on social media and communications.

Cityterveys revolutionized the pricing of xray images in Finland. We helped them to launch.


We helped the Nordic financial company Nordnet to start their consistent PR and to reach multiple times greater share of voice than the size of the company.
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We co-developed and participated in F-Secure’s Social Media Academy strategy.

Event PR

We've been organising the PR of multiple events. Two recent examples are the YouTube event Tubecon and an event with Kimi Räikkönen by Santander. Read more and view the video.

We help Santander Consumer Finance with their communications, social media, content and events.

New challenger for old Finnish mobile operators! Zipipop Freud helps launching.

Content strategy for the Union of Finnish Industry Employees.

Our services

We are experts on PR and social. But what really makes us apart is the intersection: how to combine the best of both worlds? We can also help you outside Finland or help your clients in Finland. Read more about our international networks here!


Employee ambassadors, expert communications, social media in recruitment? We’ll have constant trainings and seminars with our top partners such as TNS Global, MPS Career, Cision and Ratekoulutus. What’s hot right now? Check here!

Doing things differently – In practise

Too often planning starts from the viewpoint of a company: the company will craft its messages and then push them to its clients using an ad campaign, PR or social media.

We want to turn that upside down and take the people as a starting point. With our clients we have developed a model that really combines PR, marketing and social media also in practise.

Our way


Push your message when you need to

It’s still ok to proactively push the message when you need to create new needs. Sometimes you need to launch a traditional ad campaign or send a press release even if the recipient doesn’t want to have that.



Engage when people are interested

Often more efficient way is to listen and react: when people talk about a topic you could contribute, be it on the press, social media or at trade events, you should react and participate. Don’t say it’s impossible because it’s not: even biggest corporations can react in 15 minutes if there’s a crisis. They have decided to do so and practised it.



Give people answers when they have needs

First thing one does today when in need is to go and search the web. Doesn’t matter if it’s personal or business. You can’t know when someone has needs that you could satisfy but if you haven’t created the material in advance it’s too late when that happens. If you are not findable online you don’t exists.


Our Philosophy

The father of PR and modern advertising, Edward Bernays, was Sigmund Freud’s nephew. In 1920 while considering ways to influence people’s purchasing behaviour, he realised that understanding people is the key.

He consulted experts in human nature, psychoanalysts, and formulated his campaigns on their answers.

Times change, so we have returned to grass roots: like Bernays, we focus on people.

Companies communicate in order to influence the opinions of people who matters to their business. We help companies to concentrate on the essential, actions with the desired effects, this is our philosophy.

Together we are over 35 professionals. Be boldly in touch with us and ask more!

Timo Nurmi

Timo Nurmi

Strategy Director, Founding partner
+358 50 349 3597

Timo has focused on the communications and digital opportunities for the last ten years and helped leading technology companies on their PR. Google has been his client for eight years and counting. Timo is a master of Political Science (Helsinki University) by studying Communications and a Theoretical Physics.

Rami Saarela

Rami Saarela

Creative Director, Founding partner
+358 50 5252173

Rami has vast experience of both internal and external communications after being a communications head of one of the biggest financial houses in Finland, Tapiola, a journalist at MTV3 and Radio Nova and a media researcher at Metsä Board. Rami is Master of Social Sciences (Communications).

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